About Mikus

“Fight Mikus, Fight!”

Mikus’ path reaches a growing audience with his unique blend of instrumental & electronic compositions, which encapsulates a wide spectral range within the Electronic genre. Mikus brings to you an eccentric sound & form of music, with original loop-based beats, Jazz & Hip-hop influenced structure, & a deep discography spanning over 7 albums & EPs.

With his West Coast styling of Trip-hop and Industrial overtones, to meld into a new sound of Chill-wave. Composing an array of expressive and musically articulate instrumentals, all of which are produced and engineered by Mikus himself. His sequential & abstract melodies build a soundscape to take you deep with a grooving zone, bringing upon a down tempo Synth-phonic atmosphere.

From the studio to the stage, Mikus performs an energetic show with heavy beats, lead synths, deep bass, atmospheric synth-pads, & breaks to get the audience on the floor. With the style of electronic performance called controllerism, Mikus integrates MIDI control over his songs, having control over each individual sound track & FX.